DJ Mr Bowi

Mr. Bowi is the alter ego of Pascal Bouberg Wilson. This very talented all-round DJ has gained a lot of experience over the years by dj-ing many musical styles such as lounge music, house and dance music. In addition, he knows his classics and the music of today. Mr. Bowi learned the art in the vinyl era where you still needed “real spinning skills”.

Over time he has evolved with the technology of today, allowing him to play with CD players, USBs, laptops and even wireless via an Ipad. He now runs a DJ school in Haarlem where he educates many new talents.

Background information

From the moment he had his first ‘Turn Up The Base Cassette’ in his Walkman in the late 1980s, he already knew it: his future is in the music! Soon he was looking for a stage to share his music with the rest of the world. As an all-rounder, Mr. Bowi knows all styles and he specializes in Jazz, Lounge, Disco, 80’s & 90’s, Dance Classics and hits from today (Top 40).

Mr. Bowi has a lot of experience in performance together with live artists including saxophonists, trumpeters and singers. Mr. Bowi is interesting for both young and old and knows how to respond to the generation gap that may be present among the party guests. Mr. Bowi accurately tunes his music to the wishes of the customer and asks for a list of 10 songs and artists that should definitely be played during the party. Through his broad musical background, Mr. Bowi knows how important it is to play the right music at the right time.


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