DJ Mr Bowi

Mr. Bowi is the modified self-image of Pascal Bouberg Wilson. This extremely gifted and all-around DJ has acquired a great deal of involvement over the course of the years by playing numerous melodic styles like parlor music, house, and dance music. What’s more, he knows his works of art and the music of today. Mr. Bowi learned through the specialty of playing with vinyl that you actually required “genuine turning abilities”. After some time he has advanced with the present innovation, permitting him to play with Cd players, USBs, PCs, and, surprisingly, remote by means of an Ipad. He currently runs a DJ school in Haarlem where he teaches numerous new gifts.

From the second he had his first ‘Turn Up The Base Tape’, “Walkman” in the last part of the 1980s, he definitely knew it – his future is in music! Before long he was searching for a phase to impart his music to the remainder of the world. As an all-rounder, Mr. Bowi knows all styles and he represents considerable authority in Jazz, Parlor, Disco, 80’s and 90’s, Dance Works of art, and hits from today (Top 40).

Mr. Bowi has a great deal of involvement with performing alongside other music craftsmen including saxophonists, trumpeters, and vocalists. Mr. Bowi is fascinating to both youth and old and knows how to fill the age gap that might be available among the party visitors. Mr. Bowi precisely tunes his music to the desires of the client and requests a rundown of 10 melodies and specials that ought to be played during the party. Through his expansive melodic foundation, Mr. Bowi knows that playing the ideal music with impeccable timing is so significant.


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