DJ Sven Prinsen

Raised in a musician’s nest with both parents playing in orchestras, and violin, piano, and drums themselves, music was instilled in Sven Prinsen from an early age. The electronic sounds and house music left a big impression on him when listening to underground radio stations.  Inflamed with the house virus, Sven purchased his first beats on vinyl in the late 90s. Not long after that, followed his first performances in clubs in Haarlem. Sven’s career kicked into gear when he started performing as a resident Dj at Chemistry (Rush), and subsequently a lot of gigs in clubs and a big following at festivals around the country. 

He has set a mark on different festivals including;  Lowlands festival, Mysteryland, Sensation, Paradiso, and Melkweg. Sven is musically versatile; from downtempo to disco and house, he has a selection to suit every moment and for every audience.

Expect the most galvanizing gems that won’t leave you in your seat. With his remarkable bouquet of disco, house, and hints of afrobeat, he doesn’t just move your feet, but your soul as well. Prinsen’s distinguished sound is one that revolves around one thing: the never-ending groove. 


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