DJ Sven Prinsen

Sven Prinsen grew up surrounded by music, with both parents playing in orchestras and having musical talents themselves. He was exposed to electronic and house music through underground radio stations, and it left a big impact on him. Sven’s journey as a DJ began in the late 90s when he bought his first vinyl beats. Soon after, he started performing at clubs in Haarlem. His career took off when he became a resident DJ at Chemistry (Rush) and started playing at clubs and festivals all over the country.

He has made his mark on various festivals like Lowlands, Mysteryland, Sensation, Paradiso, and Melkweg. Sven’s musical range is wide, from downtempo to disco and house, offering music for every moment and audience.

Get ready for an electrifying experience with Sven’s selection of disco, house, and touches of afrobeat. His music doesn’t just make you dance; it touches your soul. Sven Prinsen’s signature sound is all about keeping the groove alive and kicking.


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