With a spontaneous approach and a friendly appearance, our very talented draftsman is able to put a good-looking caricature on paper within a few minutes with a number of lines. The draftsman gives the guests a humorous character, which they receive as a gift. Not only do the guests get a special lasting memory of the party, but it is also a pleasure for the spectator to watch. Perfect for kids and people with a sense of humor! It is possible for our draftsman to appear dressed according to the theme of your event.

For a personal touch, we can also arrange for your logo to be placed on the caricature drawing for a small additional charge. Anticipating the digital age, our draftsmen also draw on a digital tabloid. The drawings are saved directly on a laptop, which benefits speed and the use of color. Every action can be easily followed on a high-mounted LCD screen. And printouts of the ‘handicrafts’ are produced in postcard format and the coveted caricature goes home with the guests.


    Completely free of obligation and free of charge