Wendy and Soraya have been best friends since 2010 and have been the singing duo Remedy since 2015.

An ambitious duo that has gained a lot of experience on various stages in recent years. For example, they participated in ‘The Voice of Holland’ (season 8), sang along once during Berget Lewis’s theater tour, were featured in the SBS6 program ‘All together now’ and still perform weekly. Remedy sings at various occasions including: weddings, private parties, festivals (including Opperdepop, Culinesse), corporate events and more. They sing hits from the past and present in the genres of pop, soul, funk and Dutch pop and combine this with their own music!

Remedy is very active on social media and already has a large group of followers and fans.

“In 2021 we started writing Dutch pop music, which we release as independent artists on Spotify, among others. Our music is inspired by events that we, as friends, experience. Together we can handle everything, even the less pleasant situations. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible with our music and offer them a feeling of recognition and recognition. Our songs always carry an important message and we try to incorporate this into our music in a catchy way.”


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