Mike’s Pianoshow


The Mike’s Piano Show is a 4-person band that takes requests and guarantees a distinctive party evening by engaging with your guests frequently. The focus of Mike’s Piano Show is interaction and requests. This implies that the band engages the audience as much as possible to make it feel like a special and individual celebration for them.

You Ask, They Play is the show’s slogan. Mike is an absolute pro at the piano and can play any song you ask for. The four members of the band are constantly working on new songs so they can play all of your requests. Simply put down your requests on a beer mat, and the three will make arrangements for you! They also fully understand the requirements of your party. An old-time singalong? Check! Anyone in the crowd interested in singing or playing along? No issue!

A terrific singer can be added to Mike’s Piano Show to increase the excitement and provide even more variation in the repertoire. Additionally, it can be scheduled as a joint piano performance with another singer/pianist.

Request your song! The repertoire of Mike? Too many to mention. Mike practise new songs every week, so the setlist is neverending.

Everything will pass: reggae, dance, hits from now and in the past, funk, crazy songs, rock, sing-alongs, dancemusic and so on. Mike’s checks the requests and feels the vibe perfectly, the songs are just his way to make the party WITH his audience!


    Completely free of obligation and free of charge