Human Slinky

Bring something totally unique and original to your event with our hilarious and madcap human slinky! This colorful, one-of-a-kind specialty act features our ingenious performer dressed as a life-sized, neon-colored slinky. Our amazing slinky act will dance and twist about the stage in impossible shapes and sizes that will leave audiences in awe.

This award-winning variety act is the only official human slinky act in the world and has tickled the funny bone of audiences for Paul O’Grady, The Late Show with David Letterman, and NBA halftime shows. Want something totally different for your event or variety show?

This unbelievable variety act features a human-sized four-way slinky toy that can stretch out and twist into all kinds of shapes and sizes. Children will be enthralled by the sheer visual spectacle of the dance act while adults will be equally entertained trying to figure out where the human body fits into the costume. This insane specialty act is guaranteed to bring a touch of whimsy and surreal visual spectacle to any event looking to see something unique and fun.

Countless audiences across the world have been spellbound by this twisting and spilling slinky act. Half-time shows, TV chat shows, and audiences in America, Dubai, and Madagascar have all been blown away by this hilarious and inventive human slinky dance act.



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