The Mirror Family

Mirror Family debuted in 2012 as a pantomime performance with dance components, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s love of mirrors and his attempt to construct the first mirror man. This is a new and unique style of street theatre, interactive walk-act show, and fantastic animation that is suitable for any occasion. Hundreds of mirrors wrap the actors’ complete bodies from head to toe. The end result is a magnificent reflective entity that reflects the light of the world back at its observers! Mirror Man, Mirror Woman, Business Man, Guitarist, Mirror Sports, Man, Mirror Boy / Baby, Mirror Chinese Man, Mirror Fashionista, Mirror Pilot… and different ground runners, stilts, and living tables are offered throughout this grand performance.

This is unquestionably a one-of-a-kind visual animation presentation that is suitable for any occasion and features amazing mirrored creations, mirror chameleons, and a stunning photo moment!


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