Mikki van Wijk

Mikki van Wijk is a Dutch singer who first came to the limelight while participating in The Voice of Holland. In 2016 she covered many songs that she had shared on Instagram and YouTube, this is how she was noticed by The Voice of Holland 2019. She immediately seized this opportunity with both hands, which resulted in a fantastic outcome. With her audition she left a big impression on the coaches and not least the Dutch public. Mikki turned out to be a perfect match in Anouk’s team. Her voice, character and stage performance earned Mikki a 5th place in the most viewed talent show.
The stage that The Voice offered opened doors for Mikki to new opportunities and a chance to turn her passion into her job. Mikki’s focus is on her development into a complete and self-confident artist who will knock down many large audiences. And of course: releasing music, building a close relationship with loyal fans and becoming an established name.


In the name of love
I wanna dance with somebody
Watermelon sugar
Break my heart
Dont call me up
Put your records on
Nobody’s wife
Crazy in love
Love on top
New york
Scared to be lonely
Summer days

Omarm me
Blijf bij mij
Hij is van mij


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