Funky Risotto

Get ready for an electrifying party experience like no other – Funky Risotto! This dynamic show is an interactive sensation that ignites the crowd with its dazzling gadgets and playful spirit. Dive into live Tetris, take on the “Opblaasgitaar” challenge with a jaw-dropping solo, or belt out your favorite tunes using our famous inflatable microphones. Funky Risotto knows how to throw a party that’s all about fun and excitement!

Hand these gentlemen a Jäger and a compressor, and the festivities kick off. As the inflatable microphones and party tricks come to life, the atmosphere erupts with pure euphoria. The music, just like the crowd, sways from side to side, but the real magic is in the sing-alongs. Whether it’s the latest hits, timeless classics, or your guiltiest pleasure, you’ll find yourself needing that inflatable microphone!

The incredible madness of the Amazing Funky Risotto Show has the power to turn any venue, from cozy pubs to bustling squares, into a wild celebration. No event is too big or too small for their unique brand of interactive entertainment.

Funky Risotto was born in 2016, initially as an excuse for a winter sports adventure, but along the way, these guys discovered their love for Jäger and inflatable microphones. Since then, armed with their mobile stage and four-barrel inflatable microphones, they’ve left a trail of loyal fans, crowd surfers, and air-guitar enthusiasts at festivals like Solar, Amsterdam Open Air, Valhalla, Dutchweek, Mystic Garden, not to mention countless village fairs, corporate events, and student parties. Prepare to be blown away!

  • Price on request
  • 1 x 90 min
  • Allround
  • 2 people


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