DJ-Singer Dominick

In 2014, he took an unexpected turn when he discovered his hidden talent for singing. It all began as a playful jest, a challenge from friends to sing at a local pub. Little did he know, that moment would mark the beginning of a lifelong love affair with the stage.

After that inaugural performance, he felt an undeniable connection to the spotlight. He honed his craft through captivating appearances in various talent shows, each one a stepping stone to his destiny. The pinnacle arrived on King’s Day in 2019, as he stood before a colossal crowd of at least four thousand people, undeterred by the dismal weather, delivering an electrifying performance that ignited the crowd.

Today, his artistry has evolved beyond the boundaries of DJing or singing individually. He skillfully melds both talents into a full-length program that enthralls audiences. In September 2019, he recorded his first demos, a testament to his unwavering commitment to sharing his music not only within the Netherlands but also across international borders, following resounding success on foreign stages.


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