DJ-Singer Dominick

Dominick first appeared in 2008 playing as a DJ in a local cafe. Besides, he often played at several parties. He did not get comfortable and very soon, he started working on growing his Dj’ing career. He has since developed into a professional DJ and has undoubtedly performed throughout the country.

To complement his Dj skill, Dominick started singing in 2014. First as a joke, unsuspectingly he was challenged by friends to sing in the pub. After that song, he knew that the stage would be his second home. After some cool talent shows, he found himself at a square full of at least four thousand people on King’s Day 2019. The weather was sad but the party was fantastic. His performances are no longer exclusive to the DJ  or singer performance, but he also offers a combination of both in a complete evening program. In September 2019, he recorded his first demos to be used more widely in the Netherlands, after very successful performances abroad.


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