Another Brick

Get ready to be electrified by Another Brick, a dynamic DJ and trumpet duo that will completely redefine your understanding of electronic music. Featuring the passion and expertise of Thomas Wessels for electronic beats and the conservatory-trained Florean Kruijswijk Jansen, the duo delivers an original and unexpected set, complete with live instrumentation that ranges from lounge to funky to grooving dance.

With their exceptional alternating performance style of DJing and playing instruments, Another Brick offers a perfectly balanced mix of sounds and rhythms that will have everyone on their feet. They take pride in surprising their audience with unique and unexpected samples that perfectly suit the music of the event.

With Florean’s jazz, soul, disco, and pop music expertise, Another Brick’s set is ever-changing and original, incorporating live trumpet, bass guitar, synthesizer, and percussion. The duo’s alternating performances of DJing and playing instruments on stage will keep you moving all night long, with a sound that spans from lounge to funky to grooving dance, and everything in between. Be ready for an unforgettable musical experience with Another Brick.


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