The Guilty Pleasures coverband

Relive the cheesiest 90’s hits at lightning speed with this insane live band! Shameless, bursting with energy, and never too tired for a party; The Guilty Pleasure takes you back to then. Sing along and dance the night away with them, as the hits fly around you. In 3 sets, they play over 100 songs from the 90’s.

No genre remains untouched – They fly from Vengaboys through the Backstreet Boys to Paul Elstak, all 100% live!

Your evening is guaranteed to explode with this band. They are extremely suitable for larger (tent) parties and guarantee to blow the roof off at more intimate weddings and corporate parties. These 5 gentlemen and 1 lady ensure everyone gets down, sings, raves, and jumps. So dust off that leopard blouse, high leather boots, walkman, or onesie, and fly back to the 90s with The Guilty Pleasure!


    Completely free of obligation and free of charge