Paul Elstak

In 1987, his career started as a hip-hop DJ when he was hired as a resident DJ in the Bluetiek-Inn discotheque in Rotterdam. With ‘Holy Noise’ he had a series of releases on the Hithouse record label (Peter Slaghuis’s label). In 1991 Holy Noise had their greatest success with the song ‘James Brown is still alive’. This record was number 8 in the Top 40 and was an answer to the then popular record ‘James Brown is dead’ by L.A. Style. After Holy Noise, Paul founded the Forze DJ Team together with DJ Panic and DJ Lars. Paul’s clothing line ‘Forze’, with the famous ‘Wanna Play’ bear was very popular among ‘gabbers’ at the time. On 8 November 2010 the title song of the film New Kids Turbo was released. On 26 March 2011 it won a Rembrandt Award for best title song, and on May 12 2011 it was awarded a gold record. In 2017, Paul Elstak scored another two big hits. Together with rapper Jebroer and producer Dr Phunk he produces “Kind van de Duivel” and “Engeltje”. This turns out to be an unexpected success by the general public. “Kind van de Duivel” scores triple platinum in the Netherlands and Gold in Belgium. It’s successor ‘Engeltje’ scores double Platinum.


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