Mirror Ball Act

If you are looking for tantalizing, graceful entertainment with a touch of class and beauty, the mirror ball act will certainly provide it all. Enjoy a celestial center of energy in any space exploding with beauty casting light and enchantment over the faces of every spectator. This unique circus act combines contortion, hand balance, and dance, performed on top of a stunning, sparkling, spinning mirror ball. The Mirror Ball can be spinning for the duration of your event reception with the performer amazing your guests as they enter the venue!

This act is performed all over the world at high-profile corporate events, private events, weddings, and product launches. Originally it was created as a solo act, however, what is even more perfect for larger venues that are looking for alternative entertainment options to the usual aerial performances, are two Mirror Balls that can be performed in sync. These will definitely amaze your audience! Take a look at the beautiful pictures from one of the performances in Amsterdam. Credit goes to Jorrit Lousberg (photographer) and XSAGA for making such photos.


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