Live Event Painting

Ferdinand Schonberger is a descendant of an artist family well known far beyond the borders. By experimenting with different disciplines and techniques, he manages to capture true emotions with fire and passion on a canvas, translated in his own way. It is the most direct way to capture spontaneous moments unexpectedly.

Live Event Painting is a self-made concept that started in a pub between friends. Ferdinand has taken up the challenge with the blank white screen many times, appearing at countless weddings, but also on other occasions. He takes his mobile studio to all venues and can capture precious moments at fashion events, dinners at home, a day at work, corporate party, farewell dinner/reception, or your office on canvas. Everything is possible !.

For every party expect a blank white canvas at the start and at the end,  a unique painting with the true personal emotions of inestimable value. You can always look back to a successful day on canvas!
Ferdinand’s canvases are richly filled with thick blobs of paint and paste, applied with a palette knife, fingers and brush!


    Completely free of obligation and free of charge