Great Pianos

Two amazing singing pianists, a guitarist, and a drummer are included in the concert. Great Pianos is based on the dueling Pianos concept, in which performers actively engage the audience and play all of the audience’s requests thanks to their extensive repertoire. This spectacular performance is distinguished by lightning-fast fingers, powerful rhythms, and four hours of pure enjoyment resulting in a beautiful climax, chilling music, and an indisputably satisfying extravaganza, exactly how the audience wants to listen and see.

Great Pianos “XXL” will play your song requests in the “you ask, we play” concept. This concept has proven to be successful, and it now includes superb entertainers such as a percussionist, saxophonist, guitarist, and DJ. Alternatively, Great Pianos’ “Small” concept, which is similar to the standard show but with two musicians (pianist/singer/entertainer plus a drummer), can give you a spectacular evening at a lower cost. Please keep this in mind! There are fewer musicians, but they are no less wild. A DJ will supplement the concert, assuring a nonstop swinging evening.


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