Funk U

Be surprised during the spectacular show of FUNK U! The band, complete with wind instruments and backing vocalists, takes you on a roller coaster of one and a half hours in which funky covers, the best dance moves, and a good dose of musicality merge. From Chaka Khan’s greatest hits to the groovy songs of Bruno Mars: you name it, they play it. But, slightly different: we call it the FUNK U Flavor.

Prepare yourself for ‘A Night To Remember, full of surprising medleys and tight grooves that will make everyone (from the youngest to your grandmother) want to stand still.

  • Price on request
  • 2 x 45min
  • Disco, Funk, Soul, Pop, R&B
  • 8 persons: 2 singers, saxophonist, trumpet, guitarist, bassist, drummer and keys.


    Completely free of obligation and free of charge