The FUNFARE was founded in 2002 by three professional street musicians. They wanted to make music in a different way and started marching and came up with some crazy stuff. This marching concept was a hit. Now more than 2000 performances later, they are still in high demand. The ingredients of the FUNFARE are good music and singing. Everything is brought with the necessary humor and there is a lot of interaction with the audience. The act can be used anywhere, inside and outside and is very flexible. The FUNFARE always plays without amplification. They search of audience and respond to what happens.

Normally FUNFARE performs with 3 musicians, but they always come up with four. This is possible on request (if you book 4 people, you will also get 4). But can also be spontaneous (if it suits them, they get 4, pay 3!).

  • from € 1450
  • 3 x 30 min
  • Allround, Dutch, Pop
  • 3 persons: vocals/percussion, tuba, saxophone/mandoline


    Completely free of obligation and free of charge