Walk on stilts

Complete your event with a dynamic act on stilts! We have a very extensive directory with countless surprising, professional, but also over-the-top creative options in the field of stilt entertainment for your Company Party, Wedding, or Event. It is possible to combine different acts and performances. This act can be adopted as an opening or closing act/performance for any event and can be tailored to fit your event theme.
Walking on stilts is an Act in which skilled walkers pull off crazy stunts and moves on stilts. It involves captivating dancing moves and performances that will leave you laughing out your lungs, at the same time will thrill you but also leave you in awe.From the costumes to the performances, you will pleasantly be surprised by how this astounding act can stir up the excitement in the air. From acts like Aeromaniacs to Alien Contact, dragon birds, and many others, you will be spoiled by choice for the perfect stilt act to fit your event.


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