Flyboarding? The most spectacular sport on the water! Flyboarding is moving over the water with the help of two powerful water jets that come out of the flyboard shoes. The flyboard is attached to a watercraft, which generates the water jets. Flyboarding falls under the category of “extreme sports”, but the basics are safe and easy to learn by young and old.

Whoever learns flyboarding for the first time will of course fall. All this is always accompanied by lots of laughter and wonderful moments. For those who have mastered the basics, there are countless stunts and antics with the flyboard. From flips and propellers to high dives in the water. It already gives an unreal and wonderful feeling to just fly back and forth over the water at a height of 1 to 2 meters! Safety equipment will be available for you to explore all of your adventures, rest assured that you will be safe and pumped up after your escapade.

Flyboarding is definitely the sport for true adventurers! Do you dare to fly over the water with a jetpack powered by water power? When you’re ready, Flyboarding can begin!


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