Drumpet DJ Duo

Meet Drumpet DJ Duo – the musical collaboration of Noam Bargil and Ben Stone in Amsterdam. Noam, an Israeli trumpet player and DJ, joined forces with Ben, a skilled Hungarian drummer and DJ, to create a unique fusion of live instruments and DJ beats. Their back-to-back DJ sets transform into a vibrant canvas where Noam’s trumpet melodies and Ben’s drum beats breathe life into various genres, from House to EDM, Afro, funk, and disco. Drumpet DJ Duo has left its mark on the Netherlands’ nightlife and Europe’s diverse stages, performing at private events, festivals, and clubs. They redefine traditional DJing boundaries, delivering unforgettable experiences and electrifying venues. Immerse yourself in their dynamic musical dance, where innovative sounds and rhythmic beats meet the vibrant energy of Drumpet featuring trumpet and drums, leaving lasting impressions long after the night fades.


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