DJ Melanie



A little over 20 years ago, Melanie began her career as a DJ. She was first exposed to disco, soul, and funk through her father’s personal radio station. She has developed a substantial disco vinyl collection over the years and has made disco her area of expertise. Melanie used to primarily play vinyl, but in recent years she has switched over to digital spinning, where she has found considerable success as an all-around DJ.
She also plays house, Latin, hip-hop, Dutch, and contemporary hits in addition to disco. Dj Melanie has a broad selection of music in her repertoire and has performed in a variety of settings, including clubs, festivals, corporate events, weddings, and wedding receptions.  Dj Melanie plays with enthusiasm, has a strong connection with the audience, and quickly captures their attention with her music. She is a passionate woman, and it is evident while she is spinning.





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