DJ Melanie

Melanie started her career as a DJ about 20 years ago. Her father had his own radio station and that is how disco, soul, and funk were introduced to her. Disco has become her specialty and she has built up a large disco vinyl collection over the years. After playing only with vinyl for a long time, she has also switched to digital spinning for a few years where she as an all-around DJ excels so well.
In addition to disco, she also plays house, Latin, hip-hop, Dutch, and modern hits. With her diverse repertoire, Dj Melanie can perform at all kinds of different parties and also has a lot of experience at the most diverse locations including; Festivals, corporate parties, weddings, and clubs. She connects with the audience well, plays with passion, and knows how to capture the attention of the audience with the music in no time. She is a woman with passion and when she is spinning, it radiates from her.




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