Casual Casino

Picture a musical journey filled with soulful, popping, funky, and jazzy rhythms – that’s the world of Casual Casino. These seasoned musicians have been harmonizing together for a significant stretch, and their seamless synchronization is nothing short of apparent. While they hail from diverse musical backgrounds spanning pop, jazz, and soul, their true forte lies in the art of playing together. And, perhaps most importantly, reveling in the pure joy of their collective musical creation, for that’s what Casual Casino embodies.

What sets them apart is their acoustic take on contemporary hits and timeless classics, spanning from the likes of Jamie Cullum to Justin Timberlake, from The Beatles to Amos Lee, and from Alain Clark to Stevie Wonder. Notably, Casual Casino dials down the volume compared to your typical cover bands, creating an atmosphere where you can engage in hushed conversations without being drowned out by a wall of sound. But if the urge to dance strikes later in the evening fear not – they’ll infuse just the right amount of vigor to ensure no one remains seated. It’s a musical journey designed to move both your soul and your feet!

Al Green – Let’s stay together
Alain Clark – ell in love
Bill Withers – Aint no sunshine
Blof – Liefs uit londen
Bruno Mars – Grenade
Bruno Mars – Just the way you are
bryan Adams – I’m ready
Coldplay – Viva la vida
D’Angelo – Brown Sugar
Doe Maar – Sinds een dag of twee
Dooby Brothers – Without love
Ed Sheeran – The A team
James Morrison – You give me something
James Morrison – Slave to the Music
James Morrison – Wonderfull World
Jamie Cullum – Everlasting Love
Jamie Lidell – Another day
John Legend – Ordinary People
John Legend – Save Room
John Mayer – Why Georgia
John Mayer – Waiting on the world to change
John Mayer – Neon
Justin Timberlake – Seniorita
Kings of Leon – Use Somebody
Maroon 5 – Move like jagger
Marvin Gaye – Me & Mrs jones
Michael Buble – Everything
Michael Jackson – Rock with you
Michael Jackson – Human Nature
Michael Jackson – Billy Jean
Michael Jackson – Lady in my life
Radiohead – High & Dry
Stevie Wonder – Isn’t she lovely
Stevie Wonder – Do I Do
Stevie Wonder – Superstitious
Alain Clark – This aint gonna work
Jamie Cullum – Everlasting Love
John Mayer – Waiting on the world to change
Stevie Wonder – As
Stevie Wonder – Isnt she lovely
John Legend – Ordinary People
Naylon – Wicked Ways
Justin Timberlake – Seniorita Marvin Gaye – Whats going on
The Weekend – I feel it coming Michael Jackson – Rock with you
Blackstreet – No Diggity Stevie Wonder – Higher Ground
Beatles – Come Together
John Mayer – Gravity
D’Angelo – Brown Sugar
Michael Buble – Everything

  • from € 2150
  • 3 x 30 min
  • Jazz, Pop, Soul
  • 4 persons: singer, guitar, keys, drums


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