The Triplicats


The “Triplicats” is distinguished from other acoustic trios by its originality, quality, and multi-instrumentality. Not only Dewi but also Diederick can take the lead vocals, as well as the piano, and can play the violin too. Sebas also plays the guitar and sings along with double bass. It is therefore not surprising that the trio can indeed show up in a very diverse appearance for the day, let alone, be hired to perform anywhere. They are able to perform their own repertoire, and tailor-made music is no problem for this musical trio.

During a Triplicats performance, expect to be treated to Old jazz and easy listening that is interspersed with the latest hits, in a ‘vintage’ fashion. With their swing vintage music, pristine three-part voices, and the perfect look, The Triplicats are a joy to the eyes and ears.


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