This machine is built in the style of explorer Jules Verne and is a real eyecatcher with the fantastic fire machine. The music submarine Nautilus has no restrictions, it is easy to move and does not need power. The act is unique in the world.
The Nautilus can be used for many purposes, can work in rainy weather and, with its dimensions, can pass through double doors of buildings. The Nautilus can therefore also easily be kept indoors in care homes, industrial halls and event halls. This music submarine is a mobile act and a nice replacement for a Dixieland band,  jazz band or street orchestra. The Nautilus is a one-man-band, Arthur van Poppel has mastered the art of one-man band before looping stations were invented.

The Nautilus is of course very suitable for maritime events, such as harbor and fishing parties, mussel parties and boat fairs. this maritime act can be used anywhere.

Length: 5.20 meters
Width: 1.30 meters
Weight: 1120 kilos

  • Price on request
  • 4x 30 min
  • Allround
  • One man band


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