With their warm, beautiful melodies, Datura creates the perfect entourage for a successful and unforgettable event. They sing beautiful songs from medieval Europe accompanied by harp, flute, and fiddle. The next moment they play the drum, hurdy-gurdy, and shepherd’s pipe and call out their friend Bacchus because it is time to raise the glass, toast, and enjoy the divine wine.

They interact with the public and provide insight into the history of music with short stories and by doing so, they create a pleasant airy atmosphere. This cozy atmosphere is an excellent base for our hilarious medieval horse dance. If you have opted for the dance workshop, we invite guests to move in a sturdy stallion or elegant mare. Success is guaranteed!

As a music group, they can welcome the guests musically, provide an official opening of the necessary style with, among other things, horns or shepherd pipes, musical background for a dinner or reception, tell a story, make announcements and support a musical ceremony. Or just walk around and play music among guests. They are flexible therefore they can play where necessary.

  • from € 1795
  • 3 x 45 min
  • Instrumental
  • 4 people: lute, harp, fiddle, drum, hurdy-gurdy and sheppards pipe


    Completely free of obligation and free of charge