Introducing Benga.NL, the explosive powerhouse funk collective from Amsterdam that’s rewriting the groove playbook. This assembly of dynamic multi-instrumentalists isn’t just diverse in talent; they’re a musical melting pot, each hailing from different sonic landscapes. Many of these maestros are the driving forces behind the Netherlands’ most captivating touring bands.

Picture this: COVID lockdown. The absence of gigs. But from the ashes of quiet came a rhythm that couldn’t be ignored. Drummer Ben’s boathouse terrace became the stage for their musical uprising. What began as a summer afternoon jam transformed the Amstel River into a spectacle. The sound was so magnetic that boats flocked, a river blocked by an electrifying fusion of notes.

Their mission? Uncomplicated yet extraordinary – to incite wildness, and stir a dancing frenzy reminiscent of the iconic James Brown.Benga.NL isn’t just a collective; it’s a sonic revolution that demands you to move, groove, and be part of the rhythm uprising.



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