The Billionaires is the ideal combination of a small live band and a DJ show at a decent price.  The repertoire of the band comprises popular disco, pop, rock, and dance tunes, making it extremely danceable.  Don’t let the small lineup of only four musicians mislead you; the rich live sound will ensure a fantastic party night.
Despite its tiny size, the party band The Billionaires is really pleasant and has a polished cover band sound. Laura’s fantastic singing, Peter’s wildly funky bass lines, Richard’s rousing guitar, and Alex’s precision drumming always promise a swinging evening! The entirely broad and danceable repertoire of the Billionaires ensures that the dance floor is always full.

The entirely broad and danceable repertoire of the Billionaires ensures that the dance floor is always full. Furthermore, while the band is not performing, the DJ delivers a soundtrack of current hits, resulting in a terrific party night. Because of its exceptionally polished lighting and sound equipment, this band always provides an extravagant musical experience.

Do you want to extend your horizons? Yes, you can! The Billionaires enjoy working with a terrific saxophonist! The modest party band Billionaires is always able to make a huge party! In a reduced lineup, Billionaires is also bookable as the band “3.” The band “three” is ideal for providing live music during cocktail hour and for a wedding ceremony. Naturally, combining different musical acts, such as the band “three” for the wedding ceremony and/or beverages and the band 3Xtra for the reception is also feasible.

  • Price on request
  • 3 x 45 Min
  • Allround
  • 4 persons: 1 x singer, Drummer, 2 x Guitarist


    Completely free of obligation and free of charge