Diabolo Act

Michaël Betrian is one of the world’s youngest leading diabolo performers. Being renowned for innovating his skills and performances, he started his performing career with his original diabolo act ‘Americano’ in which he performed in the style of an Italian pickpocket thief from the ’20s featuring swinging music. In the years after he developed exciting new original acts such as, ‘King of Disco’ based on the disco era of the roaring ‘70s, and the action-packed ‘Impact’, which showcases a dark, electrifying and distinctive performance!

At his astonishingly young age of only 25, Michaël has already performed in 17 countries, from Kazakhstan to the Bahamas, and from Monaco to Sweden, he has shared his energetic performances on stage in front of thousands of audiences all over the world. Michaël is far from the peak of his career, yet he has already achieved more than most artists of his age could dream of.

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  • 1 x 5-7 Minutes
  • Openingsact
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