3Xtra offers the perfect blend of a compact live band and a DJ show at an affordable price. With just 4 musicians, the band delivers an irresistibly danceable repertoire of disco, pop, rock, and dance hits. Do not underestimate the power of the compact formation; the vibrant live sound guarantees a fantastic party night.

This party band, 3Xtra, sounds like a professional cover band despite its modest size. Laura’s enchanting vocals, Peter’s funky bass lines, Richard’s captivating guitar, and Alex’s tight drums consistently ensure a swinging evening!

With a versatile and danceable repertoire, a full dance floor is guaranteed. When the band takes a break, the DJ effortlessly takes over with a series of top songs, keeping the party going without interruption.

Thanks to a professional light and sound setup, 3Xtra always offers a luxurious music experience. And for those who want more, there is the option to expand the band with a fantastic saxophonist! In short, 3Xtra guarantees great party fun, even in a small setting!

Additionally, 3Xtra is also available in a smaller lineup, known as ‘3’. Ideal for live accompaniment of wedding ceremonies and providing atmospheric music during the reception. And for those who want the best of both worlds, there is always the option to use ‘3’ for the ceremony and/or reception, and 3Xtra for the party part.

  • Price on request
  • 5 hours
  • Allround
  • 4 persons, singer, gitarist/DJ, drummer, bassist


    Completely free of obligation and free of charge