VR on location

In VR laser tag, you put on a VR headset and step into a completely different world. Everything here is virtual: the environment, the opponents, and even your weapons. You move around in a fantasy world where normal rules don’t apply. The space required for this varies from 5 by 5 meters to Esports fields of approximately 1000m2 (more below).

Imagine this a VR experience where people aren’t just sitting or standing but can truly roam/run freely. At this moment, we can, as the first in the Benelux (and as far as we know in Europe), transform an area of up to 1000m² into a dynamic, interactive world. It’s like stepping into a completely different dimension!

This is not only great for entertainment but also offers fantastic branding opportunities. You can use this to bring your client’s brand to the forefront in an innovative way and even create complete virtual brand experiences. For such a VR Arena, you need an open space ranging from 5 by 5 meters to large gymnasiums of 1000m².


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