De Vermakelaar


Which way do you want to go? De Vermakelaar is a true entertainer with numerous facets; he can be a valuable welcome addition to any event and offers unmatched versatility; also, he is a very pleasantly insane improvisation. He is a magician who has won awards at national magic competitions and created wonderful animations; he is not a slick illusionist. With the Vermakelaar, everything is always on point, frantic, and funny. As a pleasant collaborator, a brainstormer, and a thinker for the creative interpretation of every occasion, De Vermakelaar consistently evolves like a chameleon, every event is unique and calls for a fresh approach.

He is well-known for more than just his solo performances; he frequently works with musicians and actors. Whether you work with De Vermakelaar alone or together, your event will benefit greatly! De Vermakelaar has developed an unheard-of vast network of artists and musicians with more than 20 years of professional experience as a result of his many years of expertise entertaining guests at parties both domestically and overseas using a variety of disciplines. For you, he will generate original tangible concepts that will help you achieve the mood you desire for your event. Customization includes the right performance, the precise orchestra, the precise speaker, the most delicate string, etc.


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