The Music Boat

Reinier Sijpkens is the water musician of the Netherlands. He made his little boat, “De Notendop” and put a small organ on it.
Then he arranged various classical and modern pieces of about 2 minutes (with organ/trumpet and surprises) that sound nice in the setting of water cities.

In recent decades, Reinier has performed in all water cities of the world. You could find him in Amsterdam, Venice, Bruges, but also in Japan, South Africa and China. In a water concert he tries to involve the spectators in his performance. This always leads to fantastic harmony singing and a feel-good experience for everyone.

This typical Dutch act of approximately twenty minutes can also take place in the rain and indoors. Reinier then takes his organ on wheels and possibly a large number of bells with which the guests can play along with him during a serenade ashore.


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