18 Oct '18

The Spotlight’s On: Meet DJ Extraordinaire – Miss Brown

Step into the rhythm of the 80s with Beste Bands, where this month is an electrifying ode to the era of disco and glamour. And when it comes to igniting the dance floor, there’s no name more synonymous with infectious beats and vivacious energy than Miss Brown.

A maestro of melodies, Miss Brown’s journey began as a true connoisseur of disco, but her artistry has evolved into an all-encompassing DJ sensation. From the groovy realms of R&B and Hip-hop to the pulsating heart of House and chart-topping anthems, she curates an experience where every track exudes an irresistible and welcoming vibe.

Unveiling Miss Brown

The dawn of the new millennium, a spirited night at the renowned Dansen bij Jansen, now transformed into the legendary Disco Dolly. Amidst the ambiance of exhilaration, curiosity led Miss Brown to a revelation. “What’s the secret behind the turntables?” she quizzed the DJ. The response was simple yet profound – two turntables, a mixer, and boundless creativity. And thus, a star was born.

Miss. Brown

 The Moniker and the Magic

Her debut performance, a sensation at Dansen bij Jansen, was christened under the moniker that resonated with her heritage – Miss Brown. It was an instant connection, a harmonious dance with the decks that felt as though destiny had found its voice. Today, she’s not only Miss Brown but also Raphaella Brown, a name that commands attention in the realms of Urban & House music.

Top 3 Tracks of the Moment

One Kiss – Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa Dura – Daddy Yankee Flames – David Guetta & Sia

And which track is requested the most? Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake

Currently, Miss Brown draws most of her inspiration from DJs like Dimitri From Paris, Maya Jane Coles & Claptone. She considers them her major influences.


If there’s one gig that will always stand out to her, it’s her performance on the rooftop terrace of the Four Seasons Hotel in Geneva. On that occasion, she delivered an unforgettable set alongside an exceptionally talented trumpeter, a true resident of Ibiza’s nightlife. And if there’s one place she dreams of being behind the turntables someday, it’s undoubtedly PACHA in Ibiza.

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