Saxophonist Steffan

Versatility, a big sound, and beautiful improvisations are some of the attributes that set apart Steffan-Daniël. He sometimes likes to play existing melodies, but his real strength lies in improvisation. This is what he thinks is the coolest thing to do: coming up instantly on the spot what he is going to play. Or even better: not to think at all and completely immerse yourself in the moment.
At the conservatory, Steffan quickly developed his own taste and found out that his love lies not only with jazz but also with other musical styles such as pop and electronic music. By working with many different genres, Steffan has been able to develop himself in a variety of ways, allowing himself to adapt to any genre. At one moment Steffan is playing with a jazz quartet, the other moment he is standing in front of a huge crowd going wild on house music.


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