Racheal Botha

Racheal Botha is a singer/songwriter from Zambia. She comes from a very large family which was an inspiration to use music to fully express her feelings. Her whole life is dedicated to music and helping other people. After her tour with Daughters of Africa, she started an orphanage in her home country.

Her voice and music are meant to not only reach people but also to touch people and make sure that everybody feels free to dance and have a good time through music. As she emphasizes, music is her way of storytelling, inspired by African music, R & B, Gospel Jazz and Rap. Therefore she is always looking for a new musical challenge and collaboration with other musicians and artists”
In 2020 Racheal recorded a single with DJ-producer Blue Flamingo, ‘Boom Nama Gan Gan”, which appears to be the hit of the summer of 2020!

  • from € 995
  • 2 x 30 min
  • Worldmusic
  • 2 persons: singer and guitarplayer


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