Mr. Fanfare

Something to celebrate? Call Mr. Fanfare!

Mr. Fanfare is a playful one person fanfare. A unique mobile music act for young and old with
a cheerfully diverse repertoire that makes everybody happy and dance.

In the big drum there is a very powerful music installation installed so you cant miss this fanfare. Mr Fanfare always plays the best Dance Classics and party numbers.

This musical variation in combination with a high tempo and continuous interaction creates a
wonderful positive energy.

In short, very suitable for a broad public, can be used in many places, both outside and inside.

Second Waltz
Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars)
Rock around the clock
Heb je even voor mij
Mr. Saxobeat
I Like To Move It
Links Rechts
Zakka Zakka
He’s the greatest dancer
Twist and Shout
You’re the one that I want
Van voor naar achter
Naar voren – Alpenzusjes
Der alte Dessauer
Power – Hardwell
Go to release – feat. Miss Bunty
Hela Hola
Going back to my roots
The Wiz
Kom van dat dak af
Stayin Alive
Assekruus Slavenkoo


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