Gers Pardoel

Step into the world of Gerwin Pardoel, better known as Gers Pardoel, a remarkable Dutch rapper. His rapid ascent to fame began in 2009 when he teamed up with The Opposites for the thrilling song “Broodje Bakpao.”

In November 2011, Pardoel dropped his debut studio album, “This World Is Yours,” a masterpiece that swiftly earned the prestigious Platinum certification from the NVPI. However, his true claim to fame lies in the anthemic “Ik neem je mee,” a chart-topper that etched its name in history as the most triumphant Dutch-language hit by a Dutch artist ever to grace the Dutch Top 40.

His music transcends boundaries, capturing the hearts of an entire nation, as people from all walks of life groove to his tunes and sing along in unison. Yet, Gers Pardoel is not one to rest on his laurels. In the heart of Tilburg, his studio pulses with relentless creativity, birthing fresh beats and penning new lyrical tales that promise to elevate his artistry even further. The journey continues, and the world eagerly follows his trail of musical magic.


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