Gers Pardoel

Gerwin Pardoel, better known by his stage name Gers Pardoel or Gers, is a Dutch rapper. He rose to fame in 2009, due to his successful collaboration with The Opposites on the single “Broodje Bakpao”. Pardoel’s debut studio album This World Is Yours was released in November 2011 and was certified Platinum by the NVPI. The Nederhop artist is best known for his number-one single “Ik mee je mee”, which became the most successful Dutch-language and Dutch-artist hit in the Dutch Top 40 ever.

The whole country went with Gers Pardoel and jumped on the back of his luggage carrier. His hits are known to all the people and everyone can sing them along. Gers himself has not been sitting still in the meantime. In his studio in Tilburg, he relentlessly produces new beats and writes new lyrics.


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