DJ Martien V

DJ Martien V. (Martien Verheyden) was born and raised in Amsterdam, and her life has been one long musical journey. She grew up with Classical music. As a kid, she played the piano and drums. Soon, she developed a great passion for Electronic Music in general, and particularly for House Music. She still has a great preference for the “Oldskool-sound” of Detroit and Chicago, two of the cities where the founders of House, Acid House, and Techno originated. Martien says she was very lucky to have seen clubs like Roxy & Mazzo at the beginning of House Music in Amsterdam. Looking back at that inspiring period, her deep passion for House Music started there.

DJ Martien mainly plays deep house and techno house with a touch of disco, incorporating classics and new productions in her sets. Deep, layered basslines and sharp high lines run through it like a common thread, consistently connected in a melodic way.
‘Making people happy, making them dance, and making them feel free”, that’s what she loves to do every time!”


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