Bryan Camphens

The Dutch singer Bryan Camphens has been working on music since his early age. Not only at home, but also in school and parties he always liked to climb the stage. In his teens he discovered out that he needed to accomplish more with his talent, however  that doesn’t generally turn out to be easy. At the end of 2019 he debuted his first own single “You are my heart”.
In addition to his own work, Bryan performs with songs by well-known Dutch artists such as Tino Martin and Marco Borsato. “If you always sing other people’s work you will be booked for fun parties, but if you want to be on the big stages you have to have your own songs”. Bryan has been booked for the bigger festivals in the Netherlands for years.
The combination of his own work and well-known covers makes it very suitable not only for festivals or other public events but also for company parties!
  • Price on request
  • 1x 30 min
  • Nederlands
  • 1 persoon: zanger


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