Bob Maclaren

This native New Zealander once won the New Zealand Funniest Face Award when he still lived in a far corner of the planet. With that prestigious prize in his pocket, he traveled around the world, visiting dozens of humorous festivals, and finally settled, like a true kiwi, on Dutch soil. Bob Maclaren has witty and surprising observations about the Dutch. Think of: Dutch holidays, religions, and drink intake. Years of seclusion on the tropical island and the madness of Amsterdam make Bob’s view of the world unique. Bob is a master at physically portraying situations and his comic mimicry sticks with you. He is a storyteller at heart and has hysterical body language.

Bob appeared on television on Discovery Channel UK with the comic travel program -Bob’s World and, as an occasional duo with Bram van der Velde, he made the New Year’s Eve conference ZO 2009 for the Dutch Comedy Central. Behind the scenes he worked on: De Lama’s, The Latest Show, The Bathers, The Cannibals, Chatting Together, The Dino Show, and In Good Company. Bob is a bit like the Gandalf of the Dutch comedy world. Mentally alone, for he seems at least nine hundred and eighty-seven years younger than the bearded wizard. Besides his own work, Bob regularly inspires, directs, and writes lyrics for other comedians.


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